Around the Pier: Thirty Years On, a Groundbreaking “Gem” Still Shines

“Cornuelle and Roemmich worked day and night onboard the cargo ships. The two researchers often worked on a minimal amount of sleep, as they routinely reloaded the XBT launcher every three hours for days at a time. Roemmich and Cornuelle had to remain alert and ready to reload the autolauncher and make necessary repairs at all times.

‘You’re pretty tired, and there was an alarm to wake you up to launch another probe, or to tell you if something went wrong while collecting data. I’d jolt out of bed and bump my head on my way out,’ said Cornuelle. ‘I’ve taken out a fair number of light fixtures in my time.’”…

Read more from my latest article for Scripps Institution of Oceanography here

It was an absolute pleasure to hear more from Dean Roemmich, Bruce Cornuelle, and Glenn Pezzoli about their incredible scientific achievements and adventures at sea.siologo

Keep exploring!


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