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Around the Pier: Thirty Years On, a Groundbreaking “Gem” Still Shines

“Cornuelle and Roemmich worked day and night onboard the cargo ships. The two researchers often worked on a minimal amount of sleep, as they routinely reloaded the XBT launcher every three hours for days at a time. Roemmich and Cornuelle had to remain alert and ready to reload the autolauncher and make necessary repairs at…


These girls really made my weekend (one of the groups is pictured)! Thanks to The Midnight Mechanics, Team 812 for having me as a mentor once again at the 2nd Annual Girls in STEAM Conference. You girls rock!! Your sky has no limit. #girlpower

Tribute to Earth with Haiku Poems

  EARTH DAY serves to remind us just how incredible and unique our home planet is. From her atmosphere to her rivers, Earth has everything we need to survive. If we want to make sure future generations can thrive in Earth’s beauty, we must actively protect natural resources, care for other species and always choose to invest in learning more. Frankly, Earth doesn’t need…

GradWISE Presents: Being a STEM Academic (and a Woman)

Today’s Graduate Women in Science & Engineering (GradWISE) event was a great success! Thought-provoking questions for our panel of women STEM academics, and fantastic energy from the audience and speakers. A simple, yet powerful piece of advice from Dr. Brenda Bloodgood: “Trust your judgement.” Thanks to our lively panel and audience, and to GSA for…

Latest at NASA’s Goddard: Exceptional Achievers and Celebrations

Retirement party (balloons and all), stellar leaders and Hubble highlights from a veteran astronaut – all featured in the latest issue of Goddard View Magazine! NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center released the April issue today. Check out the April GV here Read past GV here


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