Chilly Winter Weekend


A couple days ago I talked about this chilly Minnesota weekend (12/6-12/8) on our university station with one of our anchors, Elizabeth! In St. Cloud, we were down to -10° at 11pm last night. That’s 21° lower than the normal low temperature for December 6th!! According to the Chanhassen National Weather Service office, we’ll get down to a -15° low overnight and we will likely get 1 to 3 inches of total snow accumulation Sunday.


Keep in mind those windchill values could get as low as -23° tonight and tomorrow, but as low as -29° is expected for Monday. This is how cold it will feel on bare skin for people and pets. Exposed skin can freeze within 30 minutes with windchill lower than -22°, so BUNDLING UP is advised if you must go outside, otherwise stay warm and dry inside to reduce your exposure and chance for frostbite and hypothermia, which can very quickly become life-threatening. Just don’t forget to keep pets sheltered, too!

Forecast updates (type zip code in left panel)
More information on windchill


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